Demonstration Auction

Here is a demonstration auction to show how the system works

To register, click on the brown rectangle in the top right hand corner. You fill out your details then get an automatic email - OPEN THIS EMAIL and CLICK ON THE LINK inside it to get it activated.

To bid - click on any lot and a box pops up. You can then hit 'confirm bid' to bid the minimum increment, or type in how much you want it to be next to 'amount'.

Red lots have not yet had a bid.

Blue lots have - the buyer number shows who holds the bid currently.

Lots you currently hold will be highlighted in green if you are logged in.

New bids will be highlighted in orange.

Feel free to use the chat box to send us a message, or ask a question.

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Last Updated: 01/08/2021 4:14am


Lot Price Buyer
1 $2200 19
2 $1600 22
3 $1200 22
4 $1100 18
5 $1200 18
6 $2000 22